Yoga Science for Body, Mind and Soul.

Yogic Philosophy + Modern Science + Contemporary Practice

YOGALAB is a space to explore the human spirit. We marry the best of traditional yogic philosophy, modern science and a strong contemporary asana practice to provide a safe space for personal transformation in a supportive, fun and inspiring environment.







YOGALAB is set in the heart of Fremantle in a beautifully converted 1920s warehouse. Perched above The Raw Kitchen on the mezzanine level, YOGALAB is 200sqm of serene open space with solid jarrah floors, white brick walls, pitched ceilings and open arms to welcome you.

The Power of Body, Mind and Soul

Svadhyaya- The heart of the YOGALAB’s research, Self study. In the YOGALAB YOU are the subject. Every time you get on your mat you begin to feel, breathe, investigate, dissect, study, connect to and truly experience your own powerful essence. From the beginner to the advanced student, YOGALAB nurtures the entire journey. We provide a full array of class offerings to help you lay down a strong foundation. We are here to guide you as far as you’d like to go. There are 100 trillion cells in your body ready to soar!