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An Evening of Asana and Music | A 90 minute practice with Adam Whiting

Join us for a special evening of Asana and Music with International Yoga Teacher and Musician, Adam Whiting. This class will weave itself around the foundational pillars of vinyasa yoga, flowing you through seamless creative sequencing, focused breath and powerful poses that will challenge, inspire and uplift. The movement is paired with a custom-tailored playlist to keep your ears occupied while your body flows through the poses being led with anatomical precision and choreographic grace. Adam integrates his 20 years of teaching yoga with his past career as a musician and performer to create an experience that can pull you out of your mind and into a focused and free state of play.  Date:  Friday March 8th Time: 7pm - 8:30 Cost: $39 (10% Member Discount)

Teachers Workshop | Pulling The Threads | Fundamentals of Creative Sequencing with Adam Whiting

Yoga teachers carry a significant responsibility as they walk into the studio to teach a class. The expectations are high as they conduct the symphony of the breath, cue anatomical alignment, urge proper engagement, and teach the wisdom practices of this ancient science. All of this is layered gracefully over the architecture of the sequence. Just like any other structure, if the foundation isn't stable and secure, the building will quickly start to show its cracks.

REST: A Yoga Nidra Mini Retreat | With Adam Whiting

We have a tendency to pin our exhaustion onto our chests like a badge of honour, hovering just above complete burnout as our nervous system spins out of control begging for a reset. This is your chance. A time to settle into a deep understanding that rest is your birthright, it is not something that needs to be earned or ashamed of. It is this knowing that allows us to soften back into our innate ability to heal and to connect to our intuition, our inherent creativity and our endless imagination.

HOLLA DAY XMAS Flow Frequency

Join us for a Special Xmas Edition of our Flow Frequency power vinyasa class. Led by Shawn Taylor, this fun class will ooze christmasy beats and shape shifting treats.  Come celebrate the beginning of the silly season with this high vibes fun filled class! Santas elves will be giving out tons of awesome prizes. Wear your favorite holla day gear, xmas sweaters, hats, reindeer ears or just come as you are. There will be nibble and drinks waiting for you afterwards! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - book online or at the front desk Date: Friday December 15th Time: 6pm - 7:00pm Cost: Free for Members, Casual Rate non members.

Asana Oasis | A 75 Minute Teachers Practice with Rami Ryan

Attn Perth Yoga teachers! Join Guest Teacher Rami Ryan from Yogaworx  for the December edition of Asana Oasis. The Oasis is a rejuvenating and energizing  75 -minute practice designed specifically for yoga teachers seeking to deepen their personal practice.
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2024 Teacher Training Information Session

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or just want to deepen your practice our 200hr Teacher Training Course may be the next step in your yoga journey. Come join us for our teacher training information session! Led by senior teacher and course director Shawn Taylor, this night is for you to ask questions and get all of the information you need to decide if teacher training is right for you.


Ecstatic Dance Freo presents DJ Loqi

Ecstatic Dance is a freestyle community dancefloor where we come together without words or phones or shoes and just dance deep... shaking loose and letting go to great music in a safe inclusive and sacred space with a live dj and an amazing soundsystem.

Ecstatic LAB | With Moira Ungerleider and ShaantiBot

Ecstatic LAB Experience pure liberation and creative expression as we get down at our first ever Ecstatic LAB. Led by the dynamic duo of movement and sound, Moira Ungerleider and DJ Shaantibot. Set yourself free as you surrender to the rhythm of pumping beats, exploring the depths of freedom through uninhibited movement. Be guided by the intertwining threads of breath and movement, this immersive journey invites you to traverse both the physical and energetic dimensions of your being. Join us to dance, release, and elevate as you embark on a movement fueled passage towards self-discovery and liberation. Date: Saturday Oct 28th Time: 6:30pm - 7:45pm Cost: Free for Members $30 non members

SOLD OUT – Cocoon of Serenity: Winter Cacao Ceremony and Spatial Sound Journey with Catherine and Willow Francis

Join Catherine and Willow Francis from Reverence Events for an extraordinary and immersive journey deep within your cellular being. Experience the powerful fusion of Sacred Cacao and cutting-edge brainwave synchronization technologies, including the groundbreaking sound engineering techniques of the Monroe Institute (Spatial Angle Modulation) and IAWAKE, along with the harmonizing frequencies of alpha, theta, and delta waves.
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Asana Oasis | A 75 Minute Teachers Practice with Malika Warda

Join Malika Warda for our September edition of Asana Oasis. The Oasis is a rejuvenating and energizing  75 -minute practice designed specifically for yoga teachers seeking to deepen their personal practice. Its a blissful escape where teachers can immerse themselves in multidimensional sound and the art of asana. Journey through dynamic sequences, pranayama, and hands-on adjustments. Explore new variations and transitions while expanding your repertoire of postures. Asana Oasis provides a sacred space for teachers to nourish their own practice, find inspiration, connect with peers and recharge their teaching batteries. Featuring a rotating roster of Perth teachers on the 2nd Friday of each month *Certified teachers receive 75 minutes of Yoga Alliance YACEP hrs   When: Friday August 11th Time:  11:30 -1:00 Where: YOGALAB Cost: Free!  

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