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Shawn Taylor

YOGALAB Director (E-RYT 500, YACEP)

For the last 21 years Shawn has been a dedicated student of Yoga. After a career in snowboarding as a competitor and a coach, Yoga swiftly moved from a way to heal old injuries to a place of powerful self-reflection and personal transformation. His love for the practice naturally led him to work as an educator and teacher trainer for some of the largest Yoga communities in the United States and Australia.


Eric Schwarz

Senior Facilitation Team (E-RYT 500)

Eric Schwarz is an American yoga teacher and life coach currently residing in Western Australia.  His breath-focused style of teaching always includes extended centering and/or meditation.  Whether through coaching or yoga, he supports a way of living that is natural, creative, and empowering, embracing the full potential of body and spirit.  Eric is an E-RYT 500, has lead several yoga teacher trainings.


Jules Moore

I first dipped my toe into the sea of yoga during my high-school years, but my practice truly started eight years ago. Like many students on the precipice of adulthood, I had just started a new chapter of my life at university; I was stressed, anxious, unmotivated and lacking confidence. Yoga became an escape to channel my effervescent, overflowing energy and focus my racing mind.


Donna Buchanan

Donna was introduced to Yoga more than 20 years ago. Upon meeting Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Rebecca Gilby in 2004, Donna’s practice deepened and for the next 3 years she studied under her tutelage. In 2007, Donna then began studying with Moksha at Yoga Om, eventually doing her yoga Teacher Training in 2010 with his school and then co founded The Yoga Vine studio in the Perth CBD.

Donnas class is dynamic, flowing, nurturing, challenging and will leave you feeling just plain awesome. We are so stoked to have her on our team as she brings not only decades of experience but she also brings the vibes and love into her teaching. Do yourself a favor and get into her class!!!



Sacha Norsworthy

How did you end up on a yoga mat?

By chance, I followed a friend and loved the concious movement and meditative calm. Physical movement has always been a therapeutic tool for me but this practice combined a deeper level of growth and conciousness with it. Growing up through some hard stuff, I’ve had a lot of growing up and healing to do.  The practices of Yoga are a relief and sanity stop in my day.  They have rocket fuelled that all important relationship with myself, others and now creation.


Meesha Stacker

I love sharing my passion for yoga and strongly believe it is for everyone. When I first started my yoga journey, I struggled in both physical asana practice and learning to tame my mind. Yet I noticed how effortless and peaceful all the regular students around me looked and I knew I could find this too. As I built a more regular practice a shift happened and I started to experience so many benefits – greater strength, flexibility, and acceptance of both my mind and body. I found my connection with my own inner joy and sense of ease in my practice.

My goal is to make yoga an accessible, elevating experience for students to discover their own inner world. It’s about learning to know who you are, how your body feels, where your mind is at, be accepting of it, and then let it all open up when it’s ready.


Jo Feghale

Tell us about you!

I have been Practicing yoga since 2000 and decided I only wanted to do yoga so I left london for South Africa where I completed my first teacher training in 2009. Since then I have co-created and co-led both 200 hour and 300 hour advanced teacher trainings in South Africa and Germany. I moved back to Perth in 2017.



Jessica Wong

Tell us about you! Hi, my name is Jess.

I’m a big fan of honouring the tradition of yoga and an even bigger fan of making the ancient teachings accessible to modern minds.Originally from Sydney, Australia,  I’ve held head teacher and management roles at some of Sydney’s prominent boutique yoga studios, namely Humming Puppy and Modern Movement. Whether I’m managing or teaching, fostering community, collaborating with teachers,  seeing clients walk out the door happy, is why I love being in the world of yoga.

My previous career was in the performing arts where I worked as a professional dancer and physical theatre performer for a variety of Australian companies touring nationally and internationally. Although I no longer dance for work these days, my time spent studying the body through anatomy, kinesiology, feldenkrais and various dance techniques like classical ballet and contemporary dance, all inform how I teach yoga to this day.



Nick Chester

One of our own YOGALAB TT Graduates, Nicks approach to teaching is creating a challenging, holistic, big grin experience. After years of studying martial arts, functional movement, vinyasa and mobility training, he draws from a diverse mix of movement modalities. When not teaching you’ll find Nick traveling, riding motorbikes  and cruising around Fremantle on his futuristic one wheeled skateboard.  


Si Mullumby

WA born Si Mullumby has spent much of his life touring the world playing didgeridoo. He has pioneered new pathways of didgeridoo playing that have strongly influenced the way the instrument is played globally. As a regular visitor to India since the age of 15 Si has spent time studying pranayama in Ashrams and integrates this powerful life force harnessing practise into his playing and teaching.

Oli Francis

What was it about the practice that inspired you to teach?I love the practice! –  It literally makes you use everything… I’m still discovering new sensations in muscles I never even knew I had. Also I used to get RSI quite frequently playing the drums and it has literally vanished… and never returned.  I know I’m going to be fit and capable into old age because of my yoga practice.I like the thought of being involved in a process that helps people. It helps their bodies grow and become strong and durable.. and it helps people mentally too. It’s such a thorough therapy for the body


Kirsty Mitchell

One of our own home grown YOGALAB teachers, Kirsty’s vibe and energy is what all of her students come for. Not only does she teach an amazing class that will get you working and moving but as a singer she offers frequent vocal sound baths in savasana. Her passion for life is pretty obvious the moment she greets you at the front desk, Kirsty makes everyone feel right at home and will leave you feeling energized and blissed out of your mind!


Renee Sumich

How did you end up on a yoga mat?

I used to dance when I was younger, so the transition was a fluid one. My Dad was a hard core yogi to help improve his cycling, so I was super keen to give it a try! 

At first I was there for a new way to workout, similar to my dancing background, but I had no idea how much I would fall so deeply connected with this practice and its teachings. 


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